Born in RY 57, Bethan Redeye was a God-Blooded woman marked by her scarlet eyes and nails.

In RY 102 she led a group of Refugees North, where they discovered the subterrainian City that she would name Gethamane

Bethan was the mistress of Gethamane for 48 years. During her rule she established a numer of Gethamane rules including:

  • Forming Gethamane's Council of 12
    • Adding 3 more Council members when the Guild Arrived
  • Gethamane's Dole and citizen registration system
  • Restricting non-Gethamane residants from remaining in the city no longer than one month every year.
  • Establishing Gethamane's Adoption system
  • Setting Gethamane's tradition that the Master/ Mistress would choose their Heir, instead of automatically giving it to the Eldest

Bethan passed away in RY 150; age 93; survived by 2 husbands and 12 children. Her son and second eldest child, Gerath Redeye, was appointed her Heir.