Aspect: Air

At 92 years of age, Blue Dragonfish has led the League’s Ice Squadron for more than 60 years as the most capable and efficient captain in the North.

The son of an emerald-holder from the district around Shield, Blue Dragonfish experienced the Second Breath while at the tiller of an iceship as a teenage apprentice .

Since then, his feet have hardly touched solid ground.

He rose rapidly through the ranks of the mercantile fleet and joined the Ice Squadron another five years on. Ever since he reached the age of 30, the whole fleet has answered his command.

Blue Dragonfish lives for the wind in his hair and the thunder in the hull as his ship coasts over thick ice. Some call him a man possessed, and he looks the part more every day. His beard is more white frost than salt-andpepper, and his skin took on the blue of icebergs long ago.

His long hair is always elaborately braided, so that the wind can set it flying, and his face resembles nothing so much as the crags of an iceberg.