Motivation: To learn what wonders the First Age offered and surpass them

Caste: Twilight

Anima Banner: A chrysalis of shimmering Essence rises and cracks open to reveal an enormous butterfly with iridescent wings.

Born to a Guild factor’s mistress, Jasara was raised in Chiaroscuro in the old city west of the harbor. A lovely child, growing up surrounded by First Age amenities in one of the city’s least ruined and most prosperous neighborhoods, nothing was denied her—the most skillful tutors, the finest foods, the best clothes, the cleverest playmates—all the advantages her mother wanted in her own childhood.

Yet Jasara’s mind was ravenous. Easy city living stifled her, and having things handed to her was no challenge. In her daydreams, she planned to run away and be a scavenger lord or a wandering thaumaturge…When she felt she was old enough, she made secret trips all over the city to meet scholars, workers and rogues of all stripes who could teach her a little bit of everything until she could figure out what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Jasara’s aimless search eventually led her into the less safe and more ruined parts of the old city. Dodging unsavory scavengers, vicious squatters and hungry ghosts was a thrill at first, until she discovered the tower.

A First Age structure that had withstood the destruction that had befallen the rest of its neighborhood. It drew her to it, guiding her unerringly through the rubble into a maze of mirrors and crystal at its base. In a dreamlike trance, she followed ghostly images of a strangely familiar blond-haired boy through the maze to a staircase at its center. At the top of the stairs, Jasara found herself in an automated library that came alive around her. It spoke to her in the language of the Old Realm—which she had only ever seen written but never heard spoken aloud—welcoming her as “Copper Spider.” It was not until Jasara caught a glimpse of herself in one of the crystal walls and saw the glowing mark on her forehead that she understood what it meant and what she had become.

Since that day, Jasara has split her time between studying in her newfound home and traveling the South in search of more remnants of the Era of Dreams.

She works regularly with a circle of Solars that consists of Faka Kun and Wind. The first Solar she ever met—Demetheus—was part of that circle once, but she hasn’t seen him since he accidentally killed their mutual friend and circlemate Kidale. None of Jasara’s circlemates are savants, but they’re indispensable comrades and good friends. They’re welcome in her tower when working in Chiaroscuro or hiding from the Wyld Hunt.