Motivation: End the Bronze Faction and all its works

Caste: Endings

Anima Banner: Flickering cloud of violet light

Many Sidereals specialize in particular activities or facets of Creation. Other Sidereals consult them when a mission involves this activity, profession or place. Kai is one such specialist.

This Chosen of Endings has attained uncommon power for a Sidereal only 350 years old. He is a notable savant of First Age technology and would be something of a celebrity among the Chosen of Endings, except… something happened during his long training period. He emerged from the Violet Bier of Sorrows more than half insane.

On first meeting people, Kai treats them with gentle bonhomie. Only people he knows well see his wild mood swings, from deep gratitude to hysterical grief to sober and dispassionate analysis, changing from moment to moment.

The Bronze Faction receives his greatest ire: If members even mention their cause, Kai reacts with anything from stalking away coldly to a screaming fit of rage. He shows an equal devotion to the Gold Faction, though no one knows why.

Kai also shows uncommon (some say unhealthy) zeal in his duties to Saturn. He monitors the necropolises of Creation to see that the right people are buried the right way and that the right graves are robbed while others remain inviolate. He despises grave robbers and crooked morticians, though, and greatly enjoys it when his duties permit him to chastise such shady folk. Naturally, Kai lodges in an apartment in Sijan; he donates all his celestial pay packet to the Cult of the Illuminated and keeps no residence in Yu-Shan. As part of his mortuary duty, he can visit almost any place in Creation.

Although Kai Exalted as a young man, his unknown trials in the Violet Bier of Sorrows left him looking like an old one. He swaths himself in silken robes, sashes, burnoose and gloves, no matter what the heat, showing only his lined face and prematurely gray mustache and beard. He fears the touch of skin on skin in general, and sex in particular.

For all his eccentricities, Kai gives the Bureau of Destinies exemplary service and has never been convicted of any offenses against Heaven. The Gold Faction finds him equally zealous and successful in the tasks it assigns him.

Kai has become one of the best recruiters of young Solars for the Cult of the Illuminated. The task seems to focus his thoughts and give him self-control. More than any Charms, Kai's sheer intensity of belief often convinces Lawgivers that the Cult’s work is absolutely necessary for the good of Creation.