Motivation: Kill the enemies of Luna

Caste: Full Moon

Anima Banner: A huge leopard of gray-spotted silver fire

Spirit Shape: Leopard (Tell - Leopard spots in her hair or fur)

Twenty years ago, Kajeha Lef was a Bride of Ahlat—maiden warriors sworn to the Southern God of War and Cattle in Harborhead. She served with utmost fervor, slaying enemies in his name and capturing cattle for his sacrifices. Despite her deeds, the god never came to consummate their marriage. Kajeha Lef endured…and Luna noticed.

Luna made Ahlat an offer he dared not refuse. Luna claimed Kajeha Lef Their marriage was consummatedand the Bride of Ahlat became the Bride of Luna. Some Lunars say it has borne offspring, though of what nature they hardly dare to speculate.

The Silver Pact honors the Bride of Luna, but she neither attends its councils nor participates in its politics. Kajeha Lef serves Luna directly, as her enforcer and assassin. Death is Kajeha Lef’s love offering, and she gives it again and again. Any who destroys temples to the Changing Lady or persecutes her worshipers becomes Kajeha Lef prey. Luna also sends Lef on missions into the Wyld to slay Fair Folk and other enemies of Creation.

Of late, Luna has directed Kajeha Lef to assist young Solars and other Exalted who need guides through the Wyld; to gain their trust and obligations to repay the favor.

Unlike many Lunars, Kajeha Lef has not chosen to develop a war form: She prefers to fight in human form, using the spear-oriented combat skills she developed as a Bride of Ahlat. however, to approach her targets She uses animal forms ranging from a jerboa to an elephant.

In her human form, Kajeha Lef is a woman of medium height with a wiry build, dark brown skin and hair turned tawny with brown streaks (from the spots). She wears a white kilt, breastband cloak, and moonsilver hearthstone bracers.