Motivation: Bring about the Silver Prince’s New Order

Caste: Dawn

Anima Banner: A host of skeletal warriors amid crashing waves of light

Your blade shall bring my light into dark places. Hold fast to faith and courage, Moray Darktide, for soon you sail on strange seas.

Thus spoke a voice unknown to Captain Moray Darktide, pirate of Skullstone, and a battle against Lintha pirates ended with their deaths instead of his own. On his return to Onyx, Darktide told the Silver Prince about his strange empowerment and asked what it meant.

Captain Darktide still serves the Deathlord of Skullstone, though The Silver Prince keeps a close watch on him.

The patriotic captain sees no contradiction between being a Dawn Caste Solar and serving a Deathlord. He believes the Silver Prince’s propaganda about a New Order of cooperation between the living and the dead. Any foe of Skullstone, whether mortal, demon or Exalt, is a foe of Moray Darktide.

He takes a special pleasure slaying Lintha and their demons with his Orichalcum Wavecleaver Daiklave; "Sun Kisses the Waves".

The Solar pirate seems utterly loyal and utterly ruthless in battle, but… the stories spreading about him have an edge of admiration, as well as fear. Darktide keeps his promises and respects parleys. People throughout the West welcome new stories about Darktide’s victories. Skullstone is creepy, but they hate the Lintha. Pictures of the square-jawed, strongbodied captain with long, windblown hair, eyepatch and skull epaulettes on his naval greatcoat appear throughout the West—and now, they are not always “wanted” posters.

In the Underworld, the inhabitants of Skullstone’s tributaries through the West (many of whom died under Lintha blades) welcome visits from the bold captain who brings the light of Creation’s sun. The Deathlord knows that his devoted servant must not learn certain things or rise too high in the public’s estimation. Moray Darktide does not realize how great a threat he could be to the Bodhisattva’s reign.

The Silver Prince gave Darktide an orichalcum hearthstone amulet and a set of orichalcum hearthstone bracers. He carries five hearthstones, three from Creation and two the Underworld, which he switches between his artifacts as needed. They include a windhands gemstone, bloodstone, a ghostwalker crystal, a gemstone shadows and a survival stone. Only the windhands gemstone is Darktide’s own. He received the others from the Silver Prince through the Underworld.