Motivation: Bring all Creation’s cultures into contact

Caste: Chosen of Journeys

Anima Banner: Golden glow with sparkles like snowfall.

Shepherd of the North Star grew up in Whitewall, but unlike most in that city, he loved to explore beyond its invulnerable walls. He became an apprentice cartographer, mapping mountains and valleys around the city as prospectors sought new mines and the city’s military sought Wyld pockets, small shadowlands and Fair Folk freeholds that could become threats. The young cartographer Exalted when the merchant caravan he accompanied became lost in a blizzard. Shepherd of the North Star gained his new name by guiding the lost caravan through 200 miles of wilderness to safety at Gethamane.

As an agent of the Bureau of Destiny, Shepherd specializes in guiding travelers and explorers, making sure they reach their destinations—or not. He takes every opportunity to meet new people and visit new cultures. Nothing pleases him more than arranging a friendly meeting between two societies. The Viziers’ factional intrigues bore him, and though Shepherd’s ambivalence towards the factions limits his advancement in the Bureau of Destiny, he also manages to avoid antagonizing anyone.

Some within the Bureau see Shepherd as a calming influence when circumstances force Gold and Bronze Faction Sidereals to work together. He’s also worked amicably with people ranging from Dynasts to Solars, though of course they rarely know his true nature or identity.

Indeed, Shepherd of the North Star gets along with most folk. He says that people can’t help but like you if you show you like them—a maxim he has put to the test in settings ranging from icewalker campgrounds to the soirees of Nexus tycoons. Often, he gets so wrapped up in meeting new people or seeing new places that he loses track of time. Other Sidereals tease him about being the only Harbinger who is perpetually late.

Shepherd of the North Star is a slender man of medium height. His cornsilk-blond hair forms an untidy mop in front and a long braid in back. He favors layered and embroidered silken robes and a high-collared cloak but will wear rougher clothes to blend into his surroundings. Shepherd carries a starmetal serpent-sting staff of plain design, so it can pass as a simple walking staff.