Many modern Lunars take a new name after Exaltation

to reflect their new identity. Swims in Shadows does not. He

comes from a tribe that lives on one of the small volcanic

islands in the Southwest, most of which are too small to appear

on any map. Swims in Shadows was the tribe’s shaman,

an expert at dealing with the small gods and elementals of

the sea. Sometimes, this meant diving deep into the spirits’

oceanic home, where the sun’s light fades to a deep blue glow:

Swims in Shadows excelled through his lung capacity as well

as his persuasive talents. Once, he even met an awesome

and frightening Moonchild who spoke for Leviathan,

the Great Whale God his people had long revered.

Of course, the shaman humbly gave what assistance

was possible for a mortal spirit-dealer.

Swims in Shadows Exalted as he tried to

assemble a coalition of spirits against a marauding

child of Siakal: He vowed to keep diving

until he died or a reluctant spirit agreed,

and he discovered that he no longer

needed to breathe air. The Silver Pact

found Swims in Shadows within days.

The shaman learned that his people’s god,

Leviathan, was actually an ancient Lunar and

had noted the shaman for cultivation as a

minion. Naturally, Swims in Shadows pledged

his loyalty to Leviathan.

This pledge incidentally made Swims in

Shadows a member of the Seneschals of the

Sun Kings, a Lunar faction devoted to Solar

rule. Even if there were no Lawgivers to do

the ruling, the Seneschals tried to preserve

the traditions—including keeping the spirit

courts deferent to the Celestial Exalted.

Swims in Shadows thus continues his

profession as a spirit negotiator. He cannot

yet force spirits to obey, but he’s very good at

talking them into going along with Seneschal

programs. As an adept in the Art of Elemental

Summoning (see The Books of Sorcery, Vol.

III—Oadenol’s Codex, p. 136), he can beckon

a wide variety of elementals or create wards

against them. Against gods, he remains limited

to persuasion—but his Lunar Charms make him

exceptionally convincing. Swims in Shadows

continues to mediate between Southwestern

mortals and the supernatural world, but he also

spreads the word that Lunars outrank the spirits.

The Exalted shaman gains power and prestige

rapidly among the island tribes.

In his human form, Swims in Shadows looks like a lean

man in his 30s, with dark bronze skin and black hair. He

wears a breechcloth and the elaborately ornamented collar

and feathered headdress that identify him as an island tribe

shaman. His animal form is a bull shark.

Swims in Shadows prefers not to fight, since he is not

very good at it, even as a shark-man. Among Southwestern

mortals and spirits, he expects his status as a shaman to protect

him from most harm. If he cannot intimidate enemies

through his fearsome appearance, he surrenders… and sets out to defeat them through social combat. If a mission requires

greater physical force, the shaman asks other Lunars for help.

Conversely, when other Lunars need an expert negotiator,

they can call on Swims in Shadows.

Motivation: Restore Exalted dominion over the spirit


Caste: No Moon

Anima Banner: The shadow of a bull shark surrounded by

a sapphire glow.

Spirit Shape: Bull shark

Tell: Shark teeth