Tamuz is one of the finest strategic thinkers of any Age.

As a mortal, he competed with Dragon-Blooded cadets—and

surpassed them by working longer and harder. It helped he was

a genius, but Luna rewarded his drive with Exaltation, and he

rose rapidly through the Deliberative military thereafter.

Then, his Solar mate Queen Chiara withdrew Tamuz

from the Deliberative’s army to help administer her domain.

Although each Lunar is bonded to a Solar partner, there was

no love between them. Still, civilian life enabled Tamuz to

become the protégé of Ingosh Silverclaws, and he introduced

Tamuz to politics and social engineering.

Chiara made Tamuz stay in their domain while she attended

the fatal banquet in Meru. He dutifully fought the

Usurpation until he realized the cause was hopeless. Then, he

joined Ingosh in the

Wyld. They and

other Lunars

spent centuries there in analysis and debate. In time, these

led to the Lunar program called the Thousand Streams River.

Tamuz fought his greatest battle during the Fair Folk invasion

that ended the First Age—and then, with Creation in

ruins, he and his fellow Lunars initiated their plan to build

new societies.

Tamuz chose the Delzahn. He created the figure of “Tamas

Khan” to unite the Delzahn and lead them to conquer Chiaroscuro.

As planned, the Delzahn became a dual culture, half

desert nomad and half urban sophisticate. To this day, Tamuz

remains active as the secret guiding hand of the Delzahn.

In his human form, Tamuz looks like a fit, middle-aged

man with swarthy skin, salt-and-pepper hair and a small,

neatly trimmed beard and mustache. He generally wears the

clothes of a natty Delzahn aristocrat.

Motivation: Reconstruct human society by Thousand Streams

River principles

Caste: Changing Moon

Anima Banner: Deep blues and silver-tinged browns that

surround piercing eyes.

Spirit Shape: A sleek, fit gazelle hound.

Tell: No matter Tamuz’s form, his shadow has perked,

peaked ears.